How to read the Live Coding Interview report?

Make informed and unbiased hiring decisions, based on your analysis of detailed auto-generated reports of a Live Coding Interview

This Article will walk you through: 

I. Accessing Live Coding Interview Reports 

II. Inside the Live Coding Interview Report

       1. Summary
       2. Question Insights 
       3. Audit Log


I. Accessing Live Coding Interview Reports 

1. Click on Live Coding Interview, under Interviews on the top panel


2. Click on Interview Result to access all reports. Select View Report for the candidate whose result you wish to see. 


II. Inside the Live Coding Interview Report

A. The Summary 

The Summary of the Live Coding Interview Report appears as below:

Candidate Details

On the left, you will find candidate details, for a quick glance. 


Tip: Understand all about Candidate Status and learn how to customize it here


1. Score Analysis 

This is the candidate's overall score indicating his level of proficiency on the skill meter as shown. 

2. Interview Rating

Here, you can find all parameters enlisted along with the corresponding scores as achieved by the candidate during his or her interview. 


To learn how to assign scores during an already running interview, click here

Note: On reviewing the complete performance of the candidate, interviewers and host may alter the scores as per their evaluation and preference, by clicking on Action icon as indicated above.

These changes will be chronologically recorded under the tab called Audit Log

3. Candidate Feedback

Here you can see what feedback was given by the candidate based on the experience of taking the Live Coding Interview. 

{Screenshot here} 

B. Question Insights 

Deep dive into the intricate details of the question-wise performance of a candidate here.

- The assigned question appears on top.


This is followed by the candidate response under Candidate Code


C. Audit Log 

This section consists of the revised scores along with the user who has altered those scores, in a chronological order. 


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