How to schedule a Live Coding Interview?

Make the most of multiple conveniences offered on iMocha's app platform, while scheduling a Live Coding Interview

The article shall run you through the following: 

A. Scheduling the Live Coding Interview:

     I.  From the Top panel on your Dashboard
          - Know the simple steps to schedule the interview
          - Know how to invite External Interviewers 

To receive candidate's report within the interview invite:
     II. Directly from the consolidated Assessment Results Grid 
     III. Directly from a Candidate's Detailed Report 

B. Blocking participants' calendars for the interview

C. Cancelling a scheduled interview 


A. Scheduling the Live Coding Interview:

I.  From the Top panel on your Dashboard

1. Click on Live Coding Interview on the Top panel 

2. Click on Schedule Interview to invite a candidate 

Following form appears. Fill in the details across three steps:
1. Subject


2. When and Where 


3. Email Details  


Both host and Interviewer can evaluate the interview. Moreover, host can choose to exit interview by using the "Leave Session" option, and allow other interviewers to carry on with the interview in his/her absence.

Note: iMocha allows you to skip registration and licensing for an External Interviewer. You can invite external guests to host or evaluate interviews for the Live Coding Interviews, and enable a hassle free outsourced hiring process.


The maximum number of interviewers shall NOT exceed 3. There has to be minimum 1 Host. The remaining 2 could be either guests (external users, who are not registered users in iMocha, or internal/registered users) or additional hosts.

Go ahead and click on Send Invitation after filling in the details. 


Keeping the candidate report handy before entering a Live Coding Interview

II. Directly from the consolidated Assessment Results Grid 

You can shortlist candidates from the results list and Schedule interview directly from the Reports section of a Test.


A form similar to one shown above shall appear. 


In Step 3 of the form, click on the checkbox Attach Assessment Report, to receive the candidate's assessment report as an attachment with the interview email invitation. 

III. Directly from a Candidate's Detailed Report 

Dive into a candidate's performance in detail, and extend an interview invitation based on the his/her strengths and weaknesses. 

1. Access Reports of a Test from My Tests, click on View Report icon for the candidate you wish to consider for interview, as directed below.


2.  A detailed report of the candidate will open in a new window. Click on Schedule an Interview to schedule the interview, based on your review of the candidate's performance.


Check out the feature of Download Report, which allows interviewers to download and review a candidate's assessment, during an ongoing Live Coding Interview. 
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B. Blocking participants' calendars for the interview

Once an interview is scheduled, an email as below shall be sent to candidate and participating interviewers (host and guests included). 

Option to accept invitation and automatically add interview to the calendar will appear within the email. 

addtocalendar_inemailThis will improve the ‘invited to appear ratio’ in Live Coding Interviews, by blocking participants' calendars ahead of time. 

C. Cancelling a scheduled interview 

To cancel a scheduled Live Coding Interview and remove it from participants' calendars, you can follow the steps below:

1. On accessing the Live Coding Interview tab, under Interviews from the Top Panel, you will get a list of interviews as shown below. 


To cancel an interview, click on Cancel, under Action column, as indicated in above image.

An email, as below, will be sent to all participants:


By clicking Remove from calendar, participants can remove the interview from their respective calendars.

 Note: If the participant(s) do NOT remove the interview from their calendar and attempt to enter a cancelled interview, he or she will be notified that the interview was cancelled and hence expired. 

The updated status of the interview will show as Cancelled in your Live Coding Interview app account.


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