How to conduct a Live Coding Interview?

The Live Coding Interview enables interviewers to remotely recreate a coding interview environment to assess programming skills in real-time

Following steps shall help you conduct a Live Coding Interview seamlessly:

1. Click on the link to the Interview, as received in the email invitation, or directly access the interview in your Outlook or Google calendar (blocked using the Add to Calendar feature of iMocha's Live Coding Interview). Know more about this feature here

The Email invitation appears as below: 


Note: If you are a Guest Interviewer, you will be asked to wait until the host starts the interview. You can enter the interview room only once the host starts the interview. 



On entering the Live Coding Interview room , following screen appears 

Screen in Dark Theme



Screen in Light Theme


You can use the built in text, voice, and video chat to communicate with the candidate and fellow interviewers. 


2. Adding Questions 


During the live interview, interviewers can access iMocha's coding skills library at any time. The library has two filter:

a. Questions categorised as Easy, Medium, or Hard. Candidates are shown the problem statement, as well as sample input and output.

b. The filter on Topics, for ready reference to suitable question bank. 



Note: You can evaluate the candidate on multiple questions during the interview

3. Interviewers can edit the candidate's code, provide custom input, and see the result of code compilation in real time on the platform. 

4. Downloading Candidate's Assessment Report 

Note: If the interview has been scheduled based on a Test attempted by the candidate prior to being shortlisted for the Live Coding Interview, only then you will have this feature enabled. 

Click on Download Report button on the top panel to access candidate's assessment report for an assessment done prior to the interview. This will help you to target suitable questions during the interview based on already assessed skills. 


5. Using the Built-in Code Editor 

iMocha's Live Coding Interview supports 20+ programming languages and can compile against a set of predefined test cases. Candidate-friendly features include Syntax Highlighting, AutoComplete, VIMS, and Emacs simulation, have been included as per preferences. 


Additionally, you may suit yourself with a Light or Dark Theme, by clicking on the Settings icon. 

6. Using interesting Plugins
You can use choose from additional Plugins from the bottom right icon as indicated below:


Excalidraw is the interesting whiteboarding add-on that you can use to interact with the candidates. You can use this Plugin to test the candidate on algorithms and logic building outside the coding environment. You can choose to continually switch between Coding and Whiteboarding mode as per the demand on the interview. 


7. Rating candidate performance 

Click on Interview Rating, as shown in above picture, to assign your rating or scores on the various parameters, as set by the interview scheduler. To know how to set your own parameters to evaluate a Live Coding interview, click here

The following box appears. Fill in your scores, provide the Additional Feedback (mandatory) and click on Submit Rating.


8. Leaving Interview or Ending Session 

To leave the interview, click on Leave Session button on the top right corner.

This option is enabled for both host and other interviewers. 

Note: Both Host and Interviewer can evaluate the interview. Moreover, host can choose to exit interview by using the "Leave Session" option, and allow other interviewers to carry on in his/her absence.

In case you wish to end the session, click on End Session button on the extreme top right corner. In case you have forgotten to provide your scores on interview parameters, the pop up will ask you to fill in your scores and comments. 

Warning: End session is initially enabled only for the Host. In case the host chooses to Leave session, End Session button will be enabled for other interviewers. Thereafter, any one of the other interviewers may End Session, after concluding the interview. 


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