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What is candidate status and how to set it up?

Analyze your candidate pipeline by marking the status (Rejected, Shortlisted, Selected, etc.) on candidate reports.

Candidate Hiring Status allows recruiters and hiring managers to introspect their recruitment process and analyze how many candidates have been shortlisted or rejected. For Candidate Hiring Status, users can customize the status and then mark the candidates accordingly.

Set up Candidate Hiring Status Access:

  1. Go to Settings -> Global Settings -> Users.
  2. Select the user you want to allow access to Modify Candidate Status.
  3. Click Edit to view the access level of the users.
  4. In Reports, allow access to Modify Candidate Status.

Note: By default, users having access to Global Settings have access to Modify Candidate Status


Customizing Hiring Status:

By default, we provide two Hiring Status, Shortlisted & Rejected. You can use the same or add your own.

  1. Click Settings -> Global Settings -> Candidate Status
  2. Modify the status as per your requirement.


You can have a maximum of 15 statuses and a minimum of 2.
These statuses will be available for team members when they view the candidate report and select the status accordingly.

How to view the hiring status in the reports

  1. Click Reports. 
  2. Click View Reports for the particular candidate.
  3. In Summary tab, you can view and edit the status.

candidate status_reports

If another user changes the status, it will be reflected in the Audit Log.


The candidate status will then reflect on the Live Data tab and the Reports tab.

For any queries, mail us at support@imocha.i0.