How to attempt a Live Coding Interview?

iMocha's Live Coding Interview offers the ideal environment to showcase your coding skills in real time

Follow the steps below to ensure a seamless experience during your Live Coding Interview:

I. Ensure a technical system check 

1. Check your laptop/desktop for a working microphone and camera. Make sure both of these are up and running. You may also run a system check, before your final attempt. 

2. Install the most recent browser versions: Live Coding Interview is compatible with the most recent Chrome and Firefox versions.


II. Joining the Interview

1. Click the link to the Interview, as received in the email invitation, or directly access the interview in your Outlook or Google calendar (blocked using the Add to Calendar option received with the invitation). 


2. You will be redirected to the interview platform once you click the Interview Link. Fill in your Full name and Email address and click Join the Interviewdetails_LCIform

3. The following System Compatibility Check page appears:
Follow the instructions to record your audio and capture your base image.

Recording Audio allows you to test the clarity and quality of your audio equipment and ensure that your microphone is functioning properly. In case of any issues, you can address and resolve them before the interview starts.
Taking a photo provides a reference image for verification purposes, helping the interviewer confirm your identity. It lets you present your best self by ensuring you are appropriately dressed and groomed for the interview.

Note: If the host interviewer hasn't started the interview yet, you will be asked to wait until the host starts the interview. 


4. You will be admitted to the interview platform when the host starts the interview. The following screen appears on entering the Live Coding Interview platform: 



You can interact with the interviewing panel via text, audio, or video and answer the questions asked by the panel.

As the interview panel adds different questions, those are loaded into the question panel. You can navigate to the questions through the question number bar.


Once Question is assigned to you, it will appear as below with its Sample Input and Output: 


Note: As a candidate, you may choose your preferred language from 15+ languages supported on the platform, after discussing with interviewing panel. 

5. Use the Compile & Run button to compile your code and see the output. This section evaluates the pre-attached test cases for each of the questions.

6. You can click the Test against custom input checkbox to test your code with custom inputs

Note: During the interview, your performance shall be rated on multiple criteria or parameters. These parameters are predetermined by the interview scheduler as per his/her requirements. 

Examples of few popular parameters for coding interviews are code quality, technical communication, code optimization, code design, problem-solving, etc. 

7. You may also select the Theme as well as Editor as per your preference, under Settings as below: 


8. Click the Leave Session button to leave the interview platform after finishing the interaction with the interview panel.

Note: If the host ends the interview before you leave the interview, the session will end automatically for you.

9. You will be redirected to the feedback page when the session ends. Feel free to share your experience here and click on Submit Feedback


Good Luck! 

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