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What are the proctoring options in iMocha?

iMocha provides a host of proctoring options to empower its customers to conduct tests in a fair manner.

1) Image Proctoring

Track a candidate's test progress with real-time image proctoring that captures images of the candidate during the test. The system raises a flag if the candidate has used any unfair means while attempting the test.

How to enable it

Image Proctoring is enabled at the invitation level. The Test termination can be set through Settings - Proctoring Settings

Proctoring Settings

The images can then be seen in the Reports, under Proctoring Details. 

Proctoring report

2) Video & Audio Proctoring

View a detailed recording of the visual responses of the candidate while attempting the test. Video proctoring ensures that the candidate focuses on the test and refrains from indulging in unfair means.

How to enable it

Video Proctoring is enabled at the Invitation level.

Video Proctoring

The video can be seen in the Reports under Proctoring.

3) Window & Time Violation

Secure the virtual environment of the test platform with window violation. Candidates are restricted from moving out of the test window.

How to enable it

Click Settings - Proctoring Settings Window Violation

The number and duration of window violation can be seen under Reports > Proctoring Details. 

4) IP access 

Ensure that your candidates are taking the assessments from specific locations. Identify the IP ranges from which the test has been attempted. The IP address can be seen in the reports.

                                           IP Ranges Restriction

5) Randomization of questions & answers
Every question appears randomly from the question bank, which has 100s of questions. Moreover, the answers are also randomized to minimize the chances of cheating during bulk tests. 

How to enable it

Click Test Settings > Question Settings

                              Question Settings

In case of any queries, please write to us at support@imocha.io