How to prevent cheating by using the Safe Assessment Browser?

Secure the assessment window and make it fraud-proof by enabling the Safe Assessment Browser feature on iMocha's app platform

What is the Safe Assessment Browser?

Safe Assessment Browser is composed of multiple cheating prevention enforcements, such as prohibiting screen sharing or screen recording among many others, that shield the test screen of the candidate in real time. 

Why use the Safe Assessment Browser?

This feature, when enabled, automatically restricts the candidate from trying any frauds during an ongoing assessment. 

How to enable Safe Assessment Browser?

  1. To unlock safety on your assessment browser, connect with
  2. To enable this feature for an assessment, go to My Tests on the top panel and select the test you wish to proctor
  3. Click on Settings, select Proctoring Settings

    On scrolling down, you shall find the option of  Safe Assessment Browser. Here, you may choose to enable this feature for the Test. 

Attention! The Safe Assessment Browser will NOT work for tests containing File Upload Questions

With the rise in number of virtual mode assessments, candidates are prone to indulging in multiple cheating tactics. iMocha's Safe Assessment Browser ensures that candidates are restricted from cheating during an assessment by securing the assessment browser. 

Candidate perspective

On accessing the link to the assessment, the candidate will be prompted to install the safe assessment browser mode. It is a process of few seconds and allows the candidate to begin the assessment only after the Safe Assessment Browser is installed on his or her system. 

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