How to view the Candidate Report?

Know how to take data-driven decisions based on candidate test report.

iMocha's Candidate Report gives the performance analysis of the test taken. The report is generated soon after the candidate completes the test. You can view it and then decide on the next step in the hiring process. It helps you and your recruitment team analyze candidates' skills to make better hiring decisions.

 You can view the reports from the Live Data, Analytics, and My Tests tabs.

1. To view reports from the Live Data tab:

   a. Click Candidates -> Live Data

  The list of all the latest tests is displayed. The default view displays the data for the last 90 days.

   b. To view the report of a particular Candidate, search the Candidate by name or by email.
   c.  Click View Report that appears corresponding to the Candidate's name


Filters available in Live Data:

 Apply the filters to slice and dice the data. Filters are displayed on the right.  

live data_filters

2. To view reports from the Analytics tab

      a. Click the Analytics tab on the top panel
      b. Click Comparative Reports
      c. Select the test, and you can choose up to 3 candidates' to compare test reports

comparative report filter
      d.  Choose the candidates and click Add to Compare


The below window appears, displaying the comparative reports and iMocha recommendations.

comparative report

3. To view reports from the My Tests tab

      a. Click My Tests 
      b. Search for the test in the given search box
      c. Click Reports


       d. The list of candidates who took the test will appear
        e. Click View Reports corresponding to the candidate's name

The candidate's test report will contain four sections:

a. Summary: Gives basic information about the candidate, details of the test taken, score, time taken to complete the test, difficulty level, violation details (Window, Time, and Image), and candidate's feedback. You can see the candidate's rating of the test experience. Based on the test report, you can mark a candidate as Rejected, Shortlisted, On Hold, and so on. You can customize these statuses. Read more about them here.

Test Details: The information about the candidate, such as the candidate's email address, timestamp of the test start time and test end time, name of the test, basic image proctoring details, and time violation details, are displayed here.

  • Window Violation: When the candidate tries to leave the test window, the system raises a flag. The total number of window violations is displayed.
  • Time violation: The time duration the candidate was outside the test window during an ongoing test is displayed.
  • Captured Image: The system captures random images during the test within an interval of 10-40 seconds to detect any suspicious activity. The number of captured images is displayed.
  • Violated Images: The number of images with suspicious activity is displayed.

Test Details

Score Analysis: The proficiency level of the candidate according to the test scores is displayed here. The scoring categories can be customized in Report Settings. To know more click here. 

score analysis

Section Score Analysis: The section-wise percentage scored by the candidate and the proficiency level based on the score is displayed.

section score analysis

Benchmarking: iMocha's Benchmarking feature helps you understand the skill proficiency of the candidates with respect to the company average and the industry standards.

To know more on benchmarking click here. 


Section-Skill Analysis: The analysis of each section in the test is displayed. The total number of questions and the number of correct answers, wrong answers, and skipped questions are listed separately for each section.

section skill analysis

Difficulty Level Analysis: A brief synopsis of how the candidate has fared with different difficulty-level questions in the test is displayed.

To know more about Difficulty Level Analysis, click here.

Difficulty level analysis

Proctoring Analysis: iMocha's AI-powered proctoring analysis helps you to intelligently filter candidates who have violated the proctoring limits. To know more on Proctoring Analysis click here.

proctoring analysis

Test Log: The timestamp of the test is displayed. It has the test start time, test end time, the report generated time, and the captured IP address. This helps to know if the candidate took undue advantage of the time flexibility and did not finish the test within the allotted time.

Test log

Candidate feedback: The feedback provided by the candidate is displayed.

To know more on candidate feedback click here.  

candidate feedback

b. Questions: In this tab, the question-wise analysis of the candidate’s response and performance with violation details is displayed.


You can analyze the following data for every question:

  • Status shows whether the answer was attempted or skipped.
  • Points allotted to question.
  • The Score of the candidate.
  • Candidate's answer to the question.
  • Time Taken to answer the question.
  • Average Time spent on that question in the test.
  • Window violation shows how many times the candidate opened another window while attempting the test.
  • Time Violation shows how much time the candidate was outside the test window.

Note:  iMocha enables you to compare the Time Taken by the candidate to attempt a question with the Average Time taken by all candidates to complete that question. To understand the speed of the candidate under evaluation. 

Besides the above, you can also filter by Question Type, Question Status, and Section.

Note: If the candidate has given a wrong answer, you will not see the correct answers to the questions.

c. Proctoring details: In this tab, you can view the number of times the candidate has engaged in Window and Time Violations. This will also showcase the images captured during the test and highlight any violated images.

Note: Ensure Image Proctoring and Video Proctoring have been enabled at the global and test levels for the test.

d. Audit Log: The candidate hiring status can be changed by stakeholders who have a right to view and edit reports. In the Audit Log tab, you can view the list of users who have modified their status.

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