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What is proctoring analysis and how can you use it to reduce your recruitment time?

iMocha's AI-powered proctoring analysis helps you intelligently filter candidates who have violated the proctoring limits without opening each report.

Going through each candidate's report and checking the proctoring metrics is time-consuming. To resolve this, we have introduced the AI-powered proctoring analysis. This will help you quickly identify candidates who have gone beyond the permissible limits and filter them out. This is applicable for both Window Violation and Image Proctoring.

Window Violation

window violation

While window violation is enabled by default, you, as a test administrator, can modify the settings as per your requirements. So the flag will be raised as per the time duration mentioned.  E.g., if a candidate was outside the test window up to 10 seconds for 4 or 5 times, it will still be within the tolerable limit and get the green flag. For the test to terminate, the candidate must be outside the test window for above 1 minute 5 times during the test. 

Image Proctoring

Image proctoring

Image proctoring can be enabled at the invitation level. However, the settings can be controlled from here. The proctoring flags will be green if there are 0-2 consecutive image violations, as shown in the image. For the test to be terminated, the candidate has to indulge in 5+ consecutive image violations.

How will this look in the proctoring snapshot?

After test completion, the proctoring analysis can be seen under the reports itself. 


You can see that the candidate has a red flag for image violation and a red window for window violation in the above example, while other parameters are within the permissible limit hence in yellow or green color. Similarly, you can see all the proctoring details for all the candidates without opening the entire report. You can also use the performance filters to filter out candidates who have violations above the permissible limit.

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