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How to customize scoring categories/cut -off percentage?

Know how to customize performance categories.

iMocha allows you to customize the scoring categories for all assessments. Get rid of the Pass/Fail grading and customize performance categories for better evaluation.

As a test administrator, you can create/edit various performance categories, select the cut off for each category, and view them in reports.

To set your own categories for an existing test in My Tests:

1. Click My Tests and select the test.

2. Click Settings -> Report Settings. 


2. Click Customize Scoring categories (Cut Off Percentage) under Test Settings. 

3.The below page will open:


Customize Scoring categories


4. Click Save.

For a new Test added or created, the 4 default scoring categories are displayed, which can be customized via Report Settings under Test Settings.


1. Two categories cannot have the same color or name.

2. Two categories cannot have overlapping percentage ranges. e.g. 0-50 & 50 -100.

3. The percentage range must be from 0-100. e.g. category 1) 0-50, category 2) 51-100.

4. Default settings are iMocha's settings, which can be used as it is or customized.

5. You can set a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 categories

6. Once categories are saved, the changes will reflect in all past and present reports of the selected test.

7. If the test is shared with another user, any changes made to the performance categories will reflect in all reports.

8. Set scoring categories will be reflected in your API integration as well.

For any queries, mail us at support@imocha.io.