How to manage your test invitation settings?

Eliminate any kind of redundancy in your process of inviting candidates and manage your invites better

I. Accessing Invites

1. After clicking My Tests under the My Test tab from the top panel, a page enlisting your Tests along with corresponding Invites, Reports and Test Analytics appears 

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2. Click on Invites for the test whose invites you wish to manage

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A page enlisting your Test Invites will appear.

3. Select, from the left side column, invitation links you want to manage. As shown in the image below, the invitations we are managing here fall under Bulk Invitation Link

Invitation linkType

II. Invitation settings you want to manage

A. Identifying Proctoring settings


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B. Using the Test Status Filter

Note: Know your Test Invite Status 

  1. Pending: Candidate is yet to attempt the test in the allocated time
  2. Cancelled: Test Invite to the candidate has been cancelled by you within the time slot allotted for taking the test
  3. Completed: Test has been attempted and submitted by candidate within the time slot allotted for taking the test 
  4. Expired: Candidate has not attempted a test within the time slot allotted for taking that test. The allocated time has passed

Let us familiarise you with iMocha's filter called Test Status 

  • Click on Test Status dropdown


  • Select the desired test invite status 
    Default selection is Test Status, used to view all status types together

    The invites' list will re-arrange to show only those invites whose status is as selected by you

C. Re-attempting invitations

1. Re-inviting on Expired Status: You can re-invite a candidate who may have failed to attempt a test within the allocated time, by using the previous invite link or a new invite link

After re-inviting, you shall see both, the previous Expired status as well as recently generated Pending status for this candidate.

2. Re-inviting on Cancelled Status: You can invite a candidate in case you had cancelled the previous invite to this candidate, by using the previous invite link or a new invite link

  • For a cancelled invitation, the Test Status shall be updated on the invitations' list as below:


  • Attempting another invitation on a cancelled invite shall reflect separately under Test Status as Pending

PendingInviteYou will be able to see the newly updated Pending status, as well as the former Cancelled status for the same email address, logged separately as per the time at which you performed these invite activities.

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