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How to change the test settings-Upskilling

Learn the various test settings and how you can change them

iMocha lets you customise the test settings like test name, type, proctoring settings, scoring percentages, and more. 

Let us learn more about those settings.

  • Click My Tests
  • Select the test that you want to customise
  • Click Settings
The settings available are as follows.
  1. Test Settings
  2. Proctoring Settings
  3. Report Settings
  4. Test Instructions
  5. Candidate Reports
  6. Reviewer Settings
  7. Upskilling Settings

1. Test Settings - These are settings that set the structure of the test.

a. Test Name – It is the name given to the test by you or by your teammate.

b. Test Alias Name - The test name you want to show to the candidates in the communication emails or while writing the test.

Test Settings

c. Type of Test - You can decide whether to allow multiple questions view or single question view to the candidate. 

Multiple questions with marks for review means the candidate can view all the questions at once without answering. They can also mark the question for review, if they are unsure of the answer and come back to the question later. 

On the other hand, single question will not allow the candidates to move to the next question without answering or skipping the current one. 

d.  Practice Test: You can allow candidates to take a practice test. This helps them get familiarised with the test platform. 

e. Enable Calculator 

Read Enable Calculator to know more.

1.1 Question Settings

With question settings, you can decide on the sequence of questions and even the answers.

Random Questions: If enabled, no two candidates will get the questions in the same order. For example, Q1 will be different for John and Smith.

Random Answers: If enabled, this will mean that the answer options in MCQ or MAQ will be different for the candidates. For example, the correct answer option will be a for Smith, whereas it will be d for John.

Show Question Score in Test: If enabled, this will indicate the number of points the question carries. 

Question settings

1.2 Display Message Settings

You can choose which messages should be displayed to the candidate during the test. 

Display message setting

Display section end message:

Section end time

Display section-time left alert:

The system will alert the candidates when less than 2 minutes are remaining in the section.

Hide Section Timer for Video Type Questions:

The system will hide the timer for video questions.

Allow candidate feedback:

Enabling this will display a feedback page after completion of the test. This helps in knowing the candidate's test experience.

1.3 Email Settings

A Test Completion email is sent to the Candidate when the test is completed. You can edit the email format if needed on the window that pops up after clicking Click here.

email settings


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