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How to enable the in-built calculator for assessments?

Know how to enhance candidate experience by providing candidates the usage of an in-built calculator during the assessment.

With iMocha's built-in calculator feature, candidates can be more assured of giving their best shot for the assessment. Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and HR Managers can decide if they wish to enable this setting.If enabled, the candidate will get the calculator icon on the test platform that can be used to solve aptitude, numerical reasoning, analytical reasoning, etc.

Note: Only the test in Draft mode can be edited, if Published ensure to move the test to Draft mode to make changes.

To enable in-built calculator:
  1. Click My Tests, select the test you want to enable calculator.
  2. Goto Settings -> Test Settings.

    setting navigation
  3. Select Enable Calculator.
    You can choose between the Standard Calculator or the Scientific Calculator.
    test settings

The candidate will be able to use the calculator during the assessment. 

test instruction

The calculator can be used by the candidates during the assessment.

assessment window

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