How to add your coding questions?

Know how to upload your own coding questions and use them in the test

You can test the coding skills of a candidate if you are screening for a developer role. iMocha has a wide range of question types to test the candidate's skills with multiple parameters. You can also upload your coding question to the test like other questions.

You can watch the video or read the steps to add your own coding questions.

 How to add your coding question?

  1. Click the My Questions tab on the top panel
  2. Click Add Questions
  3. Select Coding, from the drop-down list


Note: If you are uploading the questions for the first time, you must create a Category and Skill before adding questions.

Read Upload questions to know more.

  4.  Select the skill to which you want to add the question

select skill

  5.  Click Add Skill  if the desired skill is not listed in the drop-down

Add skill

 6.  The below window appears to add a new skill

Add new skill
Read Add Skill or Category  to know more.


  • Write the problem statement in the Question (There can be multiple test cases for the given problem statement. You can write test cases with the expected input & expected output.)
  • Allot the points for the test cases

 Follow the steps in the image to add the coding question:

add coding questions

Note: There are two ways to evaluate candidates' coding skills, choose Add code Stub to provide a code stub and choose candidate has to write the code to let the candidate write the code on the blank screen.

You can also choose the code stub's coding language from the list of languages given in the drop-down on the right side.

Test cases 

Test cases are the different inputs used to test the candidate's defined logic and produce the output. When the candidate writes code, test cases help validate their code's correctness and logic. For example, if you ask the candidate to write a code, find the first non-repeated character in a given string. You can define the test case for this question, as shown below. 

When a candidate writes and executes the code for this question in the Test, the test case is validated against the candidate's code. If the candidate's code successfully executes the hidden Test cases and returns the expected output, the candidate achieves the score assigned for this test case. If you select the Default checkbox, the test case will be shown to the candidate on code compilation during the Test.

 1. Click Add Test Case

Add test cases

 2. Enter the Test Cases

test case details

 3. Enter the Code Solution

code output

4. Click Save

You can now use this question in your tests. 

Read Create test to know more.

You can customize the section messages that appear before the start of a new section in the test.

Read Customize test instructions to know more.

Note: The candidate can write the code in any language pre-selected by you. Points will be the total of all the test cases.

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