How to view the Live Interview report?

Know how to make informed and unbiased hiring decisions, based on analyzing detailed auto-generated reports of a Live Interview

iMocha's Interview Report gives the performance analysis of the interview taken. The report is generated soon after the interview ends. You can view it and then decide on the next step in the hiring process. It helps you and your recruitment team analyze candidates' skills to make better hiring decisions.

Access Interview Reports 

  1. Go to Interviews-> My Interviews.
    A grid with all the interview templates is listed in the order of the date it was created. Select the interview template in which you have created the interview instance for which you want to view the report. You can also search for the interview template using the search option and select the template.
    Past Interviews include all the interviews created by you before 10th March 2023. You cannot create new interview instances or edit the existing interview instances under the Past Interviews, although you can view the interview details.
  2. Select the Interview template which includes the interview instance for which you want to view the report.
  3. Click View Report corresponding to the interview instance for which you want to download the PDF report.

Inside the Live Interview Report

1. The Summary 

The Summary of the Live Coding Interview Report appears as below:

Candidate Details 

On the left, you will find candidate details, for a quick glance. 


Tip: Understand all about Candidate Status and learn how to customize it here

i. Score Analysis 

This is the candidate's overall score indicating his level of proficiency on the skill meter as shown. 

ii. Interview Rating

Here, you can find all parameters enlisted along with the corresponding scores as achieved by the candidate during his or her interview. 


To learn how to assign scores during an already running interviewclick here

Note: On reviewing the complete performance of the candidate, interviewers and host may alter the scores as per their evaluation and preference, by clicking on Action icon as indicated above.

These changes will be chronologically recorded under the tab called Audit Log

iii. Candidate Feedback

Here you can see what feedback was given by the candidate based on the experience of taking the Live Coding Interview. 


2. Question Insights 

Deep dive into the intricate details of the question-wise performance of a candidate here.

- The assigned question appears on top.


This is followed by the candidate response under Candidate Code


3. Audit Log 

This section consists of the revised scores along with the user who has altered those scores, in a chronological order. 


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