How to take a test on iMocha?

Know how to take a test on the iMocha platform.

Take your online test in a comfortable space with a quiet atmosphere, good lighting, and a reliable internet connection.

Pre requisites:

  1. Stable internet connection.
  2. A working camera and microphone.

Depending on the settings selected by your test administrators, the following proctoring mechanism may be used in the test:

  1. Safe Assessment Browser is a proctoring mechanism that prevents cheating by blocking access to other software and shielding the test screen of the candidate in real time.
    When enabled, this feature restricts you from cheating and creates a safe and secure online test environment.
    To know more on Safe Assessment Browser, click Safe Assessment Browser.
  2. Candidate ID Veriff verifies candidates and authenticates them right from the assessment to onboarding. It verifies the candidate prior to the test and ensures that the right individual advances to the next round, is selected, and joins the organization.
    When enabled, you will have to verify our identity before entering the test platform.
    To know more on Candidate ID Veriff, click Candidate ID Veriff.

Follow the below-given steps to attempt the test successfully:

  1. Click the assessment link to redirect yourself to the test platform. 
    On the Authentication page:
    • Ensure not to change the Access key provided. If the Access Key is not displayed, close the tab/browser and reopen the test link from the email invitation.
    • Enter your full name and registered email address.
    • Read the instructions carefully before you begin the test.

  2. Select the check box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Click the Authenticate button.
    After authenticating yourself, if AI Proctoring is activated for your test, follow the instructions to install the Safe Assessment Browser and confirm your identity using Candidate ID Veriff.
  4. The Test Instruction page appears. After reading the instructions carefully, click the Start Test button.
    Note: The images given here are for reference and may vary based on the specific content of your test.

    You can view the number of section, number of question, and duration of the section here. Complete each section within the allotted time.
    The test may include any of the different types of questions, such as Multiple-Choice(MCQ's), Multiple-Answer(MAQ's), Fill in the blanks, True/False, AI-LogicBox, Coding, AI-Evaluation (Speaking and Writing), and Video Interview Questions.
  5. The Section level Instruction page appears. After reading the instructions carefully, click Start Section.

    Note: Below are various question types and their appearances in the test for reference; your test may contain any combination of these questions at your test administrator's discretion.

    An MCQ or MAQ type question appears as shown below:

    Navigate through each question, select the correct option, and click the Next button to move to the next question. The timer is displayed on the top right side of the page, as shown in the image above.
    If mark for review is enabled for your test, then you can use the filter option to view the number of unanswered questions and the questions marked for review.

    Descriptive type questions appears as shown below:

    After typing your answer in the provided text box, click Next to move on to the next question.

    Video Interview type questions appears as shown below:

    The number of retakes allowed for the question and the minimum response time is provided as shown above. 
    After recording your video, you can review it by clicking the Play button.
    In case retakes are allowed, you can also record it again if needed, by clicking Retake Recording
    Once recording is complete, click Submit and Go to next question to move on to the next question.

    Note: The section timer continues counting even while you are re-recording the video or replaying it.

    File Upload type questions appears as shown below:

    Ensure the document fulfills all the specified criteria. If you uploaded the file incorrectly, it can be uploaded again; however, you can upload only one file. 
    If you need to upload multiple files, compress them into a single compressed file.
  6. After attempting all the questions in the section, click Submit Section.
  7. After you complete attempting all the questions, the last question in the last section appears as shown below:
  8. Click the Finish Test, after attempting all the questions to end the test.
  9.  You will be redirected to the feedback page when the test ends. Feel free to share your experience here and click the Submit Feedback button.

Good Luck! 

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