How to attempt an assessment in Safe Assessment Browser?

Know the steps to attempt an assessment which has Safe Assessment Browser enabled.

Safe Assessment Browser is a remote proctoring mechanism that prevents cheating by blocking access to other software and shielding the assessment screen of the candidate in real time. 

This feature, when enabled, restricts the candidates from cheating and create a safe and secure online assessment environment. 

  1. Click the assessment link to redirect yourself to the page with quick steps for installing the Safe Assessment Browser.
  2.  Click the Download button to download the installer.
  3. Click the installer to install the Safe Assessment Browser. Once installation is completed, the following message appears.

    After the installation is completed, close the window. Open the test link you received. You will be directed again to the first page. Since you have already completed the initial two steps, click the Attempt Test button to start the test, as shown in the above image.
  4. The following window appears, enter you full name, email address and authenticate yourself to proceed with the test. 

Important! You must complete the installation to be able to enter the test window.

Good Luck! 

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