How to attempt a test when Candidate ID Veriff is enabled?

Know the steps to attempt a test which has Candidate ID Veriff enabled.

Candidate ID Veriff  helps you authenticate yourself prior to the test. It ensures that the right individual advances to the next round, is selected, and joins the organization.

Note: Ensure that you use any of the original identity card issued by the government..

For India, the supported documents include:

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

For other countries, click here to learn about the supported documents.

When enabled, you will have to verify your identity by following the instructions given.

  1. Click the test link to redirect yourself to the test platform. Fill in your Full name and Email address and click Authenticate
    Ensure not to change the Access key provided and to use your authentic email address.
  2. The following page with instructions to verify your identity appears:
    Click GET VERIFIED, to proceed further with the process.

    Ensure to use any of the Original Identity card issued by the Government, and take your photograph from a well-lit background.
  3. You can use any of the three options listed below to authenticate yourself.

    Option 1: Scan the QR code.
    Scan the provided QR code with your mobile phone. 

    You will be redirected to verification page.

    Option 2: Send link via SMS.
    Enter your phone number on the text box provided and click Next.

     You will receive a link as text message on the phone.

    Click the link to proceed with the verification on our mobile phone.
    While you are verifying on your mobile, the laptop/computer screen will wait for you to complete your verification and the following window appears:

    Once your phone gets connected the following screen appears.

    Note: Ensure to grant permission for camera and microphone access on your mobile device and proceed with the verification process.

    Option 3: Continue with your current device.
    Proceed with the verification, with your current device.
  4. The verification process include:
    Taking a photo of your document's front side:

    Taking a photo of your document's back side:

    Taking a selfie:
  5. Once the verification is completed successfully the following window appears:

    In case of an invalid identity document, you can try the verification again with a different identity document and proceed to the test.  

  6. Click Proceed ahead with the test to attempt the test without verification.

Good Luck!

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