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What are the settings for AI-EnglishPro Test?

Know the test settings for AI-English Pro

AI EnglishPro is an AI-enabled assessment to evaluate candidates for their Business English Proficiency. When you add this test to the account, certain settings are pre-defined for EnglishPro.

Click My Tests and Select the test that you want to customize and click Settings

The different test settings are as follows:
  1. Test Settings:
    In the Test Settings, you can change the Test Name. 
    test setting
    The Test will contain Multiple questions with Mark for Review. 
  2. Question Settings:
    The entire part is disabled. 
    question settings
  3. Display Message Settings
    You can choose to enable or disable the display of messages during the test.
    display message
  4. Proctoring Settings
    In Proctoring settings, you can decide if you want to set window proctoring, image proctoring, and video proctoring settings for the test. 
    Window Proctoring Settings
    Window violation
    Image Proctoring Settings
    image proctoring
    Video Proctoring Settings
    video proctoring

    Note: Enabling Image proctoring/Video proctoring is decided at the Invitation level, while the termination settings are defined here.

  5. Email Settings - You can decide if you wish to send the test report to the candidates after completing the test. 
    email setting
  6. Test Instructions
    You can customize the test instructions. These appear at the start of the test. 
    Read Customize test instruction to know more.
  7. Candidate Details
    You can select the candidate details, you want the candidates to fill in before appearing for the test. Email address and full name are recorded by iMocha.

    For any queries, mail us at support@imocha.io.