My test mentions image proctoring, what is it?

Learn what is image proctoring and what is expected from the candidate

Image Proctoring

Image Proctoring is the method of capturing a candidate's images when they appear for an online proctored test. The candidate's system is used to capture images at periodic intervals, and then these images are sent to the test administrator. This is to ensure that there is no indulgence of unfair means during the test attempt. Depending on the settings chosen by your test administrator, your test may be terminated due to image violations.

Image proctoring will also prevent any pseudo test attempt as a base profile image is captured that acts as the master image against which all subsequent images will be matched. To attempt an image proctored test, you need to ensure your system has a functioning webcam. We recommend you mock run the camera before the actual test begins. This will help you iron out any issues that you might face. If you face issues regarding the camera, you can check our Fixing webcam issues - it might help solve your problem.


More often than not, your test invitation email will mention the image proctoring. However, there is a chance that your test administrator does not mention it. We suggest you attempt the test on a system that has a functional webcam to avoid any issues.

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