Fixing webcam and microphone issues

Know solutions to the frequent webcam and microphone issues for various browsers


Make sure that have the latest versions of Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers

Make sure that your drivers are updated

For Webcam

 1) Browser-based access

 1.1) Chrome - Allowing Chrome to access the webcam.

  • With Chrome open, click or tap the menu at the top right. Three horizontally stacked dots represent it.
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll all the way down the page and open the Advanced link
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Privacy and Security section and choose Site settings
  • Click Camera
  • Enable the Ask before accessing the option

Enable Ask before accessing option

  • Refresh your browser. It will now give you a prompt to allow access to the webcam. Click Allow

Allow access to the webcam

 1.2) You can watch the below video to allow access in Chrome. 

Camera Access on Chrome


1.3) Firefox - Allowing Firefox to access Webcam

Firefox will prompt you to grant access to the camera, click allow

Allow access to webcam for FireFox

1.4) Safari - Allowing Safari to access Webcam

  • Click the Safari app menu in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click Preferences
  • Select the Websites tab
  • Click camera in the sidebar
  • Select a website that is currently open
  • Select the permission for the website. You can allow, deny, or require the website to ask permission every time

allow access to webcam -Safari


2. System based access to webcam

Even after providing the browser's permissions, you may face issues if your system had disabled camera permissions. 

Depending on the system you are using (Windows/Mac), you can enable the camera permissions.

Click Settings -> Privacy -> Camera -> Enable the settings

For Microphone

1.1 For Microphone in Chrome

Microphone in Chrome


1.2) For Microphone in Firefox

  • Click on the padlock in the URL bar at the top of the browser and click Permissions.
  • Next to Use the Microphone, choose Allow.

    Permission for webcam

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