How to use iMocha's "Ready Skills Tests"?

Know how to use iMocha's ready-to-use Skill Library

iMocha has 2,500+ skills tests for various job profiles. You can browse the tests from our test library or search for them and invite them to take the test.

To use the iMocha Test Library:

  1. Click Skill Library on the top panel
  2. Browse through the various skill tests listed on the left panel or
  3. Search for the test by typing the name in the search box
  4. Click Add to My Tests
    Select skill

    Note: Click the Skill to learn more about the test details.

  5. The test now appears under the My Tests tab in your account

    Ready skill test

You can now Publish and Invite the candidate to take the tests.

Read  Create TestsEdit Tests , Invite Candidate to know more.

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