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How to update the hiring status of multiple candidates in one go?

Know how to assign the hiring status for multiple candidates.

iMocha allows recruiters and hiring managers to assign a hiring status to the candidate. This allows them to have a clear picture of the candidate pipeline and refine their recruitment efforts accordingly. 

To assign/modify hiring status for multiple candidates:

1. Click My Tests and select the test.

2. Click Reports.

3. Select the candidates and click Candidate Status icon.

select candidate

4. Select the candidate status from the list.

Note: You can use the iMocha's default candidate status or Customize your own.

candidate status

5. The assigned status will be reflected for the selected candidates.

candidate status update

This saves much time for recruiters wherein they can assign candidate status to multiple candidates at a time. 

For any queries, mail us at support@imocha.io.