How to set up your email for communication with candidates?

Know how to configure the email address for candidate communication.

For proxy users in the account, such as external recruiters, the candidate tends to communicate regarding the test issues or test content and find the added external recruiters not genuine as their email ids differ from the company email.
To avoid such an issue and ensure the candidate’s single point of contact for communication, you can set up the email address in your account.

To set up the email address:

1. Go to Settings -> Global Settings-> White Label.

2. Enter the email address for candidate communication.

Support email

Note: By default, it reflects the account owner's email address. You can change it to the email address you want.

It does not mean that the emails to candidates (invitation, test cancelation, reattempt test, etc.) will be sent from this email address. It means that the emails to candidates will contain "" as the point of contact for any queries.

Read Know about email domain settings to know more.

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