How to invite candidates for iMocha project assessment?

Know how to invite candidates for the iMocha project assessment and manage emails of stakeholders to whom you want to send the invites after report generation.

Assess and explore each candidate's skill by sending them an invite to attempt the iMocha project assessment. Go through the below steps to know how to invite candidates.

  1. Once your project is published, from the below panel on your dashboard, click Invite.
  2. The following page appears on the screen. On the left corner, below the Question tab, you'll see a List of created invitations, if any. Click the search bar below Create Invitation and type the name of your created invitation to open it or you can also create a new one by clicking Create Invitation.

  3. If you want to create an invitation, click Create invitation.

  4. To proceed with invitations, click Invite Candidates. 

  5. The following pop-up appears on the screen. Below the Invite up to 100 candidates at a time is an empty box where you should mention the email address of the candidates/employees to whom you want to send the invite. 
  6. Set the Access Time of the project when inviting candidates, click the box beside days, and select the days you want the project to be active for candidates to complete. You can also click the circle beside Time Bound if required. Select the Time Zone you are in from the dropdown.
  7. Choose the number of times you want to Auto-follow up with candidates and click the dropdown box below the statement. You can also set the days on which you want to send Auto reminders within an interval of in order to do soclick the dropdown below.
  8. Mention the email address of the stakeholders, whom you would want to send the report and click Send Invitations. 

Once you're done with sending the invitations, you can check on the project status of the candidates, whether In Progress and Completed in Reports

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