How to create iMocha Projects links and invite candidates?

Know how to invite candidates for the iMocha Projects.

iMocha Projects helps you evaluate the technical proficiency of the candidates by letting them solve real-world scenario-based projects comparable to what they will encounter on the job. By completing these projects, candidates can demonstrate their ability to apply their skills effectively, showcasing their problem-solving capabilities and practical expertise. Assess and explore each candidate's skill by assigning the iMocha Project based assessment. 

To create an iMocha Projects link:

  1. Go to Projects.
  2. Select the Project for which you want to create the link.
    Ensure the project is in Published mode. If the project is in Draft mode, publish it before creating the assessment link.
  3. Select the Invite tab.
  4. The following window appears. Here, you can view the list of invitations created and, if necessary, search for existing ones. Click the Create Invitation button to generate an invitation link.
  5. The following window appears. We provide two options for inviting candidates. You can directly send the assessment link through email to up to 100 candidates, or you can create a URL, save it, and share it with candidates as needed.
  6. Enter the Link Name, the link created will be saved for later use.
  7. Select your preferred Invitation Type.
    1. If you select via Email, the following window appears. Here you can enter up to 100 candidate's email addresses and sent the assessment link directly to them.

    2. If you select via Open Link(URL), the following window appears.

      You can copy and share the assessment link with the desired candidates from here.

  8. Alternatively, you can click Invite Candidate, to create an assessment link. This link can be copied and shared with the desired candidates.

Note: Only the Projects in the Published mode can be shared with the candidates.

After sending the invitations, once the candidate attempts the project, you can check the project status of the candidates, whether In Progress or Completed in the Reports

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