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How to get your company branding on iMocha?

Know the various white labeling options in iMocha

One of the important aspects of the pre-recruitment process is engaging talent & make them feel important for the company even before joining. This helps to create a positive impression of the company.

iMocha helps you to brand your company. It will indirectly contribute to set you apart from other employers. This is called White Labeling.

Let us see the various available options for white labeling:

1. Log in to your iMocha account

2. Click Settings -> Global Settings -> WhiteLabel

Whitelabeling options

i. Redirect Test after candidate completion: You can redirect the candidate to your company website, career page, event page, or other to enhance the candidate experience and create engagement.
ii. Company Logo: Upload your company logo in the prescribed format. This logo will be displayed in the iMocha assessment solution (app.imocha.io).

iii. Favicon: A favicon typically appears on the address bar. You can upload your company favicon, and it will be reflected in the assessment solution (app.imocha.io)

Favicon setting- iMocha

iv. Support Email Address: This is the email address mentioned in the invite email to candidates. All candidate queries before, during, and after the test can be redirected here.

v. URL Settings: Currently, the app platform URL is app.imocha.io, and the test platform is test.imocha.io. These URLs can be changed to display your company name instead of iMocha.

2. Email Templates
Various email communications go out to the candidate when they get an invite for the test, test reattempt, completion email, and so on. You can change the content of these emails through email templates. This can be accessed from Global Settings-> Email Templates

Email templates

3. Email Domain settings

By default, all the communication to the candidates is sent from noreply@imocha.io. To send the email from your registered company email address, you need to send a mail to support@imocha.io, and we will do the rest.

4. Test Landing Page

The landing page will be displayed to the candidates before appearing for the TEST. You can edit the content as required.

Test Landing Page

In case of any queries, please mail us at support@imocha.io.