How to edit a question?

This article illustrates how to I. Edit question details II. Move question across different skills

Edit question details:

  1. Click My Questions
  2. In the Questions tabclick  icon which appears to the right of the question
Edit question
The below window appears, you can edit the question here.

edit window3.     Click Save

Moving questions across Skills:

If you want to move an existing question to a different skill, here are the steps to follow:

1.  Click the Skill dropdown after clicking on icon (Refer to Step 1 under Section I above), a list of the skills to which this question can be moved will appear 

move skill

2.  In case this question's current skill is already used in a test 

The below pop-up window with the following message appears

The question you wish to move is already used, follow the below steps to edit the 
  1. Go to My Tests, select the Test, that is the test(s) highlighted in the pop-up
  2. Locate the skill to which question already belongs and replace or remove this question from the respective section(s) in the test
  3. Go back to editing your question and select the Skill to which you wish to move
    A pop-up appears for your confirmation, since the question is now not used in any test
  4. Click Yes, move to move your question to selected skill

Read How to create/edit a test? to know more.

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