How to create an interview template and invite candidates for an interview?

Know more about creating an interview template, creating interview instances in a template, and inviting candidates for live interviews.

iMocha provides a flexible way to create an interview template and group all your interview instances based on any criteria as needed. You can create the interview instance by copying the parameters from the global setting or previously created interview template. It also enables the sourcing team/recruiter to start the interview and add the candidate immediately. You can quickly invite the candidates using the following two invite options:

  • Schedule Interview: Invite the candidates individually for a Live Interview at a specified time. 
  • Meet Now: The recruiter can start a live interview and add the candidate immediately. 
Interview Template: The interview template enables the users to organize the interview based on different criteria and reuse the parameters for similar interviews.
For instance, if you design an interview template for a candidate with mid-level experience, the criteria by which they are evaluated can be shared for all interview instances for mid-level experience candidates in that specific template, regardless of the job role.

To Create a new Live Interview Template:

  1. Go to Interviews-> My Interviews.
    My Interview
  2. Click Create New Interview.
    create interview
  3. The following window appears:
    create parameters
  4. Enter the Topic of the interview, Type of Interview, and customize the rating parameters if required. The Assign Parameters drop-down lists previously created interview templates and From Global Settings. You can copy the interview rating parameters by selecting the particular interview template, from the global settings, or customize the parameters as needed.

    Note: The Type of Interview and the Rating Parameters assigned for the Interview Template is applicable for all the Interview Instances under the template.

    To Customize the Interview Rating Parameters: Custom interview rating parameters help you evaluate and identify candidates best suited to your job requirements.
    Click Add New Parameters to add a new rating parameter and the corresponding points.
    add parameters
    Click the Delete button to delete the Rating parameter that is not required.

    delete Parameters
    Note: You can add a minimum of two parameters and a maximum of five parameters. 

    Read Interview Rating Parameters to know more.
  5. After customizing the rating parameters and entering all the required details, click Create Interview.
  6. A grid with all the interview templates is listed in the order of the date it was created. Select the interview template in which you want to create the interview instance. You can also search for the previously created interview template using the search option and select the template.
    Past Interviews include all the interviews created by you before 10th March 2023. You cannot create new interview instances or edit the existing interview instances under the Past Interviews, although you can view the interview details.
    Interview Template

  7. The window below appears if you have not yet created any interview instances for the particular interview template. You can select to Schedule interview option to schedule the interview at a convenient time for the candidate and the interviewer, or you can connect with the candidate immediately if available using the Meet Now option.
    New interview instance

    If there are interview instance for the selected template, then the list of all the interview instance are displayed in the order of the date it was created. The below image shows an example of an interview template with two interview instances created.
    Interview Instances

    The two ways to Invite candidates for interview are:

    a. Schedule interview: You can invite the candidates for a live interview at a specified time. This feature helps to plan and schedule the interview at a time convenient for both candidate and interviewer by checking their availability and time zone.

    If you select Schedule interview, the following window appears:

    Enter the Topic of the interview, Type of Interview. For AI-Logicbox Interview, ensure to create a Test for Interview before scheduling the interview and select the test from the drop-down list.

    schedule Interview
    Click Next.
    Time and date
    Enter the date, time, and duration of the interview. Ensure to select the appropriate Time Zone for both the candidate and the interviewers.
    email details

    Enter the Candidate's Email and Interviewer details, and click Send Invitation.

    The Live Interview is now scheduled for the candidate at the specified time.


    You can also select the Schedule Interview option by clicking the Schedule Interview button for the particular topic from the interview templates listed on the My Interviews page.

    schedule interview icon

    b. Meet Now: You can start a live interview and add the candidate instantly if they are available and willing to attend the interview. This feature enables you to begin an immediate discussion rather than scheduling one and waiting; which speeds up and improves the efficiency of the interview process.

    If you select Meet Now, the following window appears:

    Enter the Topic and click Create Meeting.

    create meeting

    On clicking the Create Meeting button the Candidate's Email ID, Candidate's Link, and Host's Link get activated, and you can either,

    Enter the Candidate's Email ID and click Start Meeting to send the interview invite to the candidate in the Email ID mentioned and immediately start the meeting,

    Copy the Candidate's Link and share it with the candidate and Copy and Paste the Host's Link into the browser and connect with the candidate.
    meet now

    You can also select the Meet Now option by clicking the Meet Now button for the particular interview template from the templates listed on the My Interviews page.
    meet now icon

To Edit the Interview Template:
  1. Go to Interviews->My Interviews.
  2. Click the Edit button corresponding to the particular Topic you want to edit.
    edit template
  3. The following window appears; edit the interview parameters as required.
    edit interview parameters
  4. Click Save Interview.

    If you want to cancel the changes, click the Close button.
    cancel changes
    The following window appears. Click Close without creating to delete the content you have added.
    close without creating

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