How to conduct Live Coding Interviews to identify the best developers?

Leverage iMocha's Live Coding Interview to assess real-time coding skills in a real programming environment

Live Coding Interview provides a hassle-free and seamless platform to conduct coding interviews by assessing the programming skills on the go in a real coding environment. Live Coding Interview allows the interviewers to remotely recreate a coding interview environment that can help assess the programming skills in real-time. 

Live Coding Interview

First things first, let's walk you through the features.

1. Access to the coding library: Interviewers can access iMocha's coding skills library anytime during the live interview. The library has questions based on their difficulty level: Easy, Medium, Hard. The problem statement along with the sample input and output is displayed to the candidates. 

2. Team collaboration:  The interviewers can edit the candidate's code, provide custom input, and view the result of code compilation live on the platform.

3. Chat: Interact with the candidate as well as other teammates via built-in text, voice, and video chat.

4. In-built Code Editor: Live coding interview comes with an in-built Code Editor that supports 20+ programming languages with the ability to compile against a set of predefined test cases. The Editor comes with candidate friendly features like Syntax Highlighting, AutoComplete, VIMS, and Emacs simulation. Candidates can also choose to code in dark or light themes.

5. Interview rating: Each interviewer can submit their rating for code quality, technical communication, code optimization, code design, and problem-solving. The rating is confidential and only visible to the primary interviewer. The final score is based on the average rating of all the interviewers.

Scheduling a Live Coding Interview

Access to Live Coding Interview can be requested by contacting or your customer success manager. Once you have access, you can schedule a live coding interview straightaway. A maximum of 4 participants can be added in one session, which includes 1 candidate + 3 interviewers. 

Conducting a Live Coding Interview

How does it look like for the candidate?

Viewing the report

The reports can be seen under the Interview results tab. The score will be the average of the interview rating provided by the interviewers. 

Live Coding Interview- Report

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