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How to assign a report to a Reviewer?

Know how to assign reports to Reviewers for manual evaluation.

Adding user as a Reviewer

The reviewer role is specifically designed for teams that need to review assessments manually and score them accordingly. A Reviewer is a skills expert who quantifies the answers to the descriptive questions - coding questions, translation questions, or any questions where manual evaluation is needed.

To assign a report for review, start by adding the user as a Reviewer.

  1. To add a user as a reviewer, go to  Settings-> Global Settings -> Users -> Add Users.
    To edit the access rights of an existing user and enable reviewer access, go to Settings-> Global Settings-> Users,  select the particular user from the list of users and click edit and enable reviewer access.

The reviewer will get access to view reports, view questions, and review reports. 

Reminding users to add Reviewer 

Ensuring to enable the reviewer functionality is crucial for properly assessing, scoring, and reviewing candidates' responses to manually evaluated questions. We, as humans, sometimes miss this important step. To address this, iMocha introduced the reminder option. This reminder helps users remember to add a reviewer once they try to publish a test.

To enable the reminder setting:

  1. Go to  Global Settings-> Master Settings Test-> Reviewer Settings
  2. Enable the Reminder to add reviewers option.

    After enabling this option, every time a sub-user creates and attempts to publish a test, a reminder pop-up window appears as shown below:

In case the user wants to add the reviewer, they can click the link provided in the pop-up window and get redirected to the reviewer settings page.

Assigning reports to a Reviewer

Before assigning reports to any reviewer, enable the manual evaluation in Test settings for the test.

To enable manual evaluation in Test Settings:

You can either assign the reviewer manually or use the Auto-Assign feature. If you select the auto-assign feature, the reports are sent to the selected reviewers on test completion automatically. You will need to enter the names of the reviewer(s) in the Select reviewer box.

Once the candidate completes the test, follow the below steps to  view the reports

  1. Go to Candidates-> Review Reports tab.
    review report
    The list of candidates who have completed the tests is displayed.
  2. Select the report.
  3. Click Assign Reviewer
    assign reviewer after test
  4. Select the reviewer from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Assign.
    assign reviewer form dropdown

When the reviewer log on to their iMocha account, they can see the report under Candidates->Review Reports -> Pending For Review.

The name and email address of the candidate is not visible to the reviewer. The reviewer can evaluate the answers and score the candidate accordingly. Once completed, the reviewer cannot revise the scores. The report then moves to the Review Completed tab. 

Report Generation

When all the reviewers complete their evaluation, the report is generated. 

The score generated will be based on the average score given by all the reviewers. For any report, it is mandatory that at least one reviewer complete the evaluation.

You can view the report under Live Data or All Reports or from the Test 

Manage Reviewers

You can re-assign reports or revoke evaluation access of reviewers. 

  1. Click Manage Reviewers
  2. From the list of reviewers, you can select reviewers to re-assign reports or revoke the access rights. Email will be sent to the users informing the same.

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