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How to review a Report?

Admins can assign reports to other users in their account. Reviewers can then evaluate the report and score it.

When an Admin/Super Admin assigns a report for review, a reviewer will get an email. Follow the link in the email to review the report.
You can also review the reports by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Candidates -> Review Reports.
  2. In the Pending for Review tab,
    the list of reports that are assigned to you is displayed.
  3. Select the report to review and click Review Report.
    review report
    The report appears as shown below.
    Review questions
  4. Click Edit to edit the scores.
    Edit score
    The below window appears. Enter the candidate's score for the particular answer and add comments if applicable.
    enter score
    The Logs tab includes the date and timestamp when the score was edited, the previous score, the updated score, and the reviewer's email address.
    score log
  5. Click Finish Review after reviewing all the questions.
    finish review
    The below window appears, displaying the status of the number of questions reviewed and pending, if any.
    finish review window
  6. Click Finish Review.
    The report will now move to the Review Completed tab.

You can still edit the report and revise the scores if necessary. The activity logs record the edits.

Watch the below video to see how it works. 

HubSpot Video


  • Users who have access to only Review Reports can view the reports in the Pending for Review tab. Once they complete the review, the reports will move to the Review Completed tab.
  • Users having access to both Generate Reports, and the Review Report will view both the links in the Action column.
  • Reviewers cannot generate the final report for the candidate unless they have global access to generate reports. 

    For any queries, mail us at support@imocha.io.