How to add AI English Speaking and Writing, questions to a test?

Know how you can add questions for spoken and written English, powered by AI to a test.

AI-evaluation is a unique question type to assess spoken and written business English skills. It helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidates' spoken and written English proficiency. iMocha has two question types; AI-evaluation: Speaking and AI-evaluation: Writing. These questions can be added as a separate section to any assessments and evaluate communication, technical, and functional skills in a single assessment.

Note: The Section Duration defaults to the time, auto-evaluated based on the time allotted for each question in the section, the preparation time for the candidate, the number of retakes allowed, and the recording time. You cannot reduce the default timing. However, you can always extend the time allotted.

To add AI-evaluation question to the tests:

  1. Go to  My Tests -> Create New Test.
  2. The following window appears, enter the desired test name.
    create test
  3. Click Create New Test.
  4. The following window appears, click Add Skill. add skill
  5. Select the skill Library that you would like to use. iMocha's skill library has more than 2500+ skills  and related questions. The My Questions skill library has all the questions added by you.
    skills library
  6. Select the question type of the questions you want to add to test.
    question type
  7. Select the skill from the drop-down.
    select skill
  8. Create a section to add the selected skill to the particular section in the test. create section
  9. Click Select Questions.
  10. The following window with the questions from selected library appears. 
    add question
  11. Select all the questions you want to add to the test from the particular skill library. 
  12. Click Save Skill.You can view the questions added in the section created.
  13. Go to Settings -> Report Settings tab, after you add all the questions and sections.
    Ensure to enable or disable the CEFR level evaluation as required for AI-Speaking or AI-Writing question types.

    The CEFR is a standardized framework that validates language ability through a composite score in the AI-Writing questions. The CEFR levels will not affect the scores for AI-Speaking type questions.

    The CEFR level evaluation is disabled by default.

      We recommend keeping it disabled for questions evaluating basic English skills in email writing or essay-type answers without any word limit, which is more suitable for beginners.

      And enable it for questions related to business scenarios that require email or essay-type answers, with a minimum of 100 words. The CEFR framework is well-suited for evaluating individuals in mid-level positions.
    1. Once you finish setting up , Publish the test.
    You have now created an AI evaluation test and published it. Proceed to Invite the candidates to take the test.

    Read Create Test to know more on adding skills to the test.

    How the Candidate Report looks like:

    Read Candidate report to know more on report.

    NoteThe scoring will be as per the weightage for each enabling skill. Weightage cannot be changed for the AI question type.

    The weightage for each skill when CEFR is enabled is as follows:

    The weightage for each skill when CEFR is disabled is as follows:

    For a separate demo on How to use AI-evaluation: Speaking and Writing, mail us at