What is AI evaluation for English Speaking and Writing question type?

Know more about AI evaluation for English Speaking and Writing questions.

AI evaluation is a unique question type to assess spoken and written business English skills. It helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidates' spoken and written English proficiency, beyond vocabulary, grammar, and fluency. Our AI-enabled Contextual Check ensures candidates' responses to the AI-enabled English Speaking and Writing questions in the tests are related, relevant, and to the point. It guarantees that the English assessments perfectly fit your organizational needs, leading to a new level of integrity. It empowers you to make more refined talent decisions by focusing on specific skills. 

iMocha has two AI evaluation question types:

  • AI-evaluation: Speaking 
  • AI-evaluation: Writing

These questions can be added as a separate section to any assessments and evaluate communication, technical, and functional skills in a single assessment.

Note: The Section Duration defaults to the time, auto-evaluated based on the time allotted for each question in the section, the preparation time for the candidate, the number of retakes allowed, and the recording time. You cannot reduce the default timing. However, you can always extend the time allotted.

The weightage for each skill when CEFR is enabled is as follows:

The weightage for each skill when CEFR is disabled is as follows:

Note: The scoring will be as per the weightage for each enabling skill. Weightage cannot be changed for the AI question type.

The glimpse of the Candidate Report:

AI enabled Context Check - Ethical Proctoring

We provide Ethical Proctoring for cheating prevention. Our AI-based evaluation system detects when candidates try to cheat by repeating the same content or adding irrelevant information to their answers. The AI-based contextual check enhances integrity and focuses on the response relevance.

The digression percentage based on the digression and total sentences is calculated, considering the context of the answer. Our AI-based contextual check smartly detects sentences in the response that are unrelated, contain irrelevant information, or repeat the same content.

To view the AI Context Report:

  1. Go to My Tests->Test
  2. Select the test for which you want to view the report.
  3. Click the View Report icon corresponding to the test.
    view report icon
  4. Select the Questions tab.
  5. The following image shows the screen for AI-evaluation for English Speaking report.
    question details
  6. Click Get Report to view the iMocha AI Context Report.
    AI context report
    The instances of digression are displayed, with the total number of digression and the digression percentage.

Read Candidate report to know more on report.

For a separate demo on How to use AI-evaluation: Speaking and Writing, mail us at support@imocha.io.