What is a Super Admin and what are their rights?

Know about the Super Admin in user management

For ease of use,  iMocha has introduced the Super Admin user role for each account. 

What is a Super Admin?

Super Admin is the owner account or the account which was used to sign up on iMocha. E.g., John from ABC financials has signed up for iMocha and used his work email to create an account. John's account will be allotted the super admin status. Similarly, for all existing iMocha customers, the account used for sign up will be the Super Admin account.

  1. Super admin cannot be deleted by self or any other user.
  2. Super Admin can view their access rights.
  3. Super admin has the right to inactivate or reassign user roles; however, no other user can inactivate the super admin.

Rights of Super Admin in User Management:

Add users and allot roles to them (Admin, Recruiter, or Interviewer)

Inactivate users or Edit user access level of other users

View all the users added to their account and the usage of each user

Important Notes

Super Admin cannot add another Super Admin. There will be just one Super Admin per account.

No one can delete the super Admin account. To delete/transfer the Super Admin rights to another account, write a mail to support@interviewmocha.com.

In case of any queries related to the Super Admin account, write a mail to support@imocha.io