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What can you see in Dashboard - Admin account?

The dashboard provides an overview of key metrics in your iMocha account.

Dashboards allow you to quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of data. 

iMocha's Recruitment Dashboard empowers Admins and Super Admins to:

  1. Get real-time insights
  2. Streamline recruitment workflows
  3. Manage team performances
  4. Drive quick and accurate decision making  

How does it work? 

Log on to the iMocha account; the Recruitment Dashboard opens. The default view is of the last seven days for all tabs.

  1. Overview: 
    You can view, the number of tests created, the number of invitations sent, the number of tests that appeared, and the number of tests completed.

  2. Invitations and Invitation Mode
    You can view the day-wise breakup of the invites sent and the invitation modes, i.e. Email, Open Link, API, Reattempt.
  3. Test Status and Usage
    You can view the test status and the number of reports generated.
    test status
  4. Candidate Performance and Candidate Status
    You can evaluate your candidate pipeline by viewing how the candidates have performed across your tests and also the Candidate Status. 
    Note: The performance categories set by the admin will be displayed.
  5. Candidate Experience 
    View how candidates have rated their test experience. 
  6. All user data
    As an Admin or Super Admin, you can also have a look at the insights for the recruiters added to your account.
    all user
    We hope this new feature helps you gain more insights. 

For any queries, mail us at support@imocha.io.