What are Upskillings settings?

Know the upskilling settings and how to customize them to suit your requirements

With Upskilling settings, you can decide the number of retakes you wish to allow to the employee and map the test with a Competency or Job role.

1. Adding competency and job roles

First, you need to add the competency and the job roles in your account. 

a. Click Global Settings -> Upskill Enrollment

Upskill Enrolment

b. You can choose to create a competency or a job role. Competency is essentially a department wherein a job role denotes a specific position.

c. Click Create Competency or Job Role

Once you have saved this, you can map it to a particular test.

2. Mapping a test to competency/job role

a. Click My Tests -> Settings -> Upskilling Settings

b. Choose the number of retakes that would be allowed

c. Assign the test to competency and a job role

d. Click Save

Upskilling settings

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