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What are the analytics available for email invitations?

Know how to streamline your recruitment pipeline by knowing the right analytics

Recruiters often send test invitation emails in bulk. The majority of the time, it is impossible to communicate with candidates to know if they have received the emails. In such a scenario, email analytics are the perfect way to establish your emails' performance and the invited to appeared and sent to clicked ratio. 

What is the email invite analytics that is available in iMocha?

iMocha has added email invitation analytics to help you track your invites.

Watch the below video to know how it works.

The different status for email invites and follow-up emails are

1. Clicked - When the candidate has clicked on the test link

2. Opened - When the candidate has opened the email

3. Delivered - When the email has reached the candidate's inbox

4. Deferred - When the email cannot be immediately sent for dome reasons. Our servers will try to send it for the next 72 hours, after which it will be dropped by iMocha

5. Dropped - When your email address or content is marked as spam by the candidate's mail server or when the candidate has unsubscribed or blocked your email address

6. Bounced - When the email cannot be sent to the candidate due to an invalid email address, incorrect email, or a typing error.


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