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What are Master Settings for Test?

Pre-decide on a list of settings for all the tests in your account (created by you and your sub-users) to maintain uniformity in your assessment process.

An assessment process must be seamless, fair, and provide uniformity. When you create a test and share it with a teammate, they might change the test settings. Some tests might involve termination on window violation, while some tests may allow candidates to leave the test window. When multiple candidates attempt the same test with varied test settings, the results can contain a bit of bias. To eliminate this and bring in a level of uniformity, we have the Master Settings - Test.

What are the Master Settings?

Master settings are global settings that will be configured for all the new tests in your account, including the tests created by your sub-users. Only users with Edit Test Setting access will be able to modify the settings. As the account owner, you can decide the settings that your tests will have. E.g., if you enable the window violation option in Master Settings, then all the new tests created by you or your sub-users will have window violation enabled. Only users that have access to Edit Test can modify the settings of their test.

How to set up Master Settings?

1. log in to your account

2. Click Settings -> Global Settings -> Master Settings

3. This will display all the settings. You can now enable or disable these settings.

4. These settings will apply to all the new tests created in your account.

In case of any queries, please write to us at support@imocha.io