What are activity logs?

Activity logs are records of all user activity in a particular account. It helps the Super Admin and Admin to know the what changes are made to the test by which team member.


Activity logs are a part of our security and compliance programs and are designed to monitor and record the changes that happen in a user's account for the test level changes. It helps the users know what changes are made to the test and who made those changes. 

Note: Activity Logs are only available for updates made to the tests after 7th June 2021.

To view the changes

1. Login to your account

2. Select the Test

3. Select Activity Logs from the hamburger menu on the right

Activity Logs

4. This is how the data will look like

HubSpot Video

Note: Activity Logs can also be accessed from Global Settings and are available for Admins and Super Admins only.

For any queries, please write to us at support@imocha.io