Taking a coding assessment on iMocha

Know the best practices to attempt a coding assessment on iMocha

To access your coding assessments, click on the invitation link that you have received. Your invitation email will have details of the assessment such as duration, number of sections, and validity. 

Click on the link to get started. Enter your Name and email address. Note: Please enter the same email address on which you received the invite link. 

iMocha Coding Platform

Click on the authenticate button to move to the first section. If your test has image or video proctoring enabled, the system will ask request for a basic profile image. Follow the instructions on the System recheck page. These images/videos will be recorded by the system and sent to the test administrator.

iMocha Coding Test

Note: Practice test is an option that may or may not be enabled by your test administrator. Practice test will enable you to get familiarized with the platform.

View the video below to know more.

Basic Assessment Concepts

1. Code Stub

Code Stub is provided for each question (setting enabled by test administrator) to help you concentrate on the logic of your code. This will also help you understand the input and output format and avoid minor errors.

Code Stub - iMocha

2. Test Cases

Test cases will help you validate your code. Once you click the compile and run button, the output will show all the test cases and the result. Your output will be compared with the expected output to see whether the test case has passed or failed. This will help you tweak your code if required. 

Additionally, you can use the Test against custom input to test your code with your own test cases. 


My assessment link expired. Can I get a new link?

This generally happens when you try to attempt a test after the validity period. We recommend reaching out directly to the person who requested you to take the assessment. The test administrator can decide on a re-attempt. 

When are the recommended browsers to attempt the assessment?

We recommend you use the most up to date version of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

My assessment time ran out, what happens to my data?

Don't worry, your answers up to the point where the time ran out are saved and the points will given as per that.

Can I see the assessment report?

This depends upon the test administrator. They can send the assessment report to you.


Have any more questions? Write to us at support@imocha.io