Candidate FAQs

We have listed some frequently asked questions that the candidates may have during the Live Coding Interview

Q: How can I troubleshoot audio or webcam issues?

A: Ensure that webcam and microphone permissions are enabled.

Webcam Permissions- Live Coding Interview

If the issue arises in the middle of the interview, it might be due to connectivity issues. 

Q: Can I copy-paste the code from my IDE?

A: Yes. However, we recommend informing your interviewers about writing the solution in your own IDE and then copying it in the in-built editor.

Q: My code has complied, and the status shows as Passed; does this mean I have passed the interview as well?

A: No. The passed status is only for the compilation and indicates that your code has given the desired output. This does not indicate that you have passed the interview. 

Q: If I get disconnected, can I login again, and what happens to my previously written code?

A: Yes, you can log in using the same link. The written code is auto-saved every 30 seconds. When you log in, you can view your code. 

Q: I am getting error for Compile and Run; what can I do?

A: In case you get an error, please check your internet connectivity once. If the issue persists, please contact with your interview link.

Q: What is the test against custom input?

A: If you want to test your code's logic using your own input values, you can use Test against custom input options.

Q: I am unable to view the question, what can be done?

A: Most likely, this happens due to connectivity issues; please wait for some time for the questions to load. 

Q: How many questions will be there? 

A: This is not pre-defined and depends on the interviewer. Depending on the job role and skills to be evaluated, the interviewer can decide on the number of questions. 

Q: Can I view the result of my interview?

No. The results are available only to the interviewers.