Live Coding Interview - Interviewer FAQs

We have listed some frequently asked questions that the interviewers may have during the Live Coding Interview

Q: How can I troubleshoot audio or webcam issues?

A: Ensure that webcam and microphone permissions are enabled.

Webcam permission - Live Coding Interview

If the issue arises in the middle of the interview, it might be due to connectivity issues. 

Q: How many people can I add as an interviewer?

A: Maximum 4 people are allowed in one session, out of which 3 can be interviewers, and 1 has to be a candidate. 

Q: I have shared the interview link with my teammate, but they are unable to join

A: If you already have 3 interviewers in the session, you will not add another one. However, if there are only 2 people in the call and other teammates are unable to join, this may be because of the below

1. Network issues: Slow connectivity 

2. Browser issues: Using previous browser versions

3. Connecting from mobile: Live Coding Interview is not compatible with mobile devices

Q: How many questions are available for the interview?

A: You have access to the Mocha coding skills library with around 30 questions of varying difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard.  

Q: If I get disconnected, can I login again?

A: Yes, you can log in using the same link. 

Q: The candidate has compiled the code but is getting an error. What can be done?

A: This mostly happens due to connectivity issues. If the issue persists, please contact with your interview link.

Q: What is the test against custom input?

A: If you want to test the logic of the candidate's code using your own input values, you can use Test against custom input options.

Q: I am unable to view the question, what can be done?

A: Most likely, this happens due to connectivity issues; please wait for some time for the questions to load. 

Q: How many questions can I add?

A: Depending on the job role and skills to be evaluated, you can decide on the number of questions. 

Q: What is an interview rating? 

A: Each interviewer can submit their rating for code quality, technical communication, code optimization, code design, and problem-solving. The rating is confidential and only visible to the primary interviewer. The final score is based on the average rating of all the interviewers.

Q: I have submitted my rating. Can I view the report?

A: If you are the primary host, the report will only be generated when all the interviewers present in the session have submitted their ratings. For other interviewers, the report is not visible.