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iCIMS and iMocha integration

Know how to activate iMocha and iCIMS integration

To integrate iCIMS and iMocha

  • Send a mail to iMocha at support@imocha.io for integration
  • Specify the test and the job role for which the test is required
  • iMocha will provide a unique id. For Ex. test1_xi421
  • This unique id must be provided to your iCIMS account manager for integrations
  • Once integrated, iMocha will reflect in your iCIMS account
  • Edit job profile for the selected assessment
  • Add assessment
  • Save Job
  • When the candidate applies for a particular job, the test will be directly sent to him/her
  • You can then select the Candidate to view his test results
  • Select Screen option
  • Select Assessments

You can now view the result of the candidate. For any queries, please write to us at support@imocha.io