How to view and edit tests created by sub users in my account?

Know how to modify the tests created by your sub users

As a Super Admin, you can view all the sub-users' tests added to your account and edit the test if required. The Super Admin can decide which users can have access to View/ Edit tests of sub-users.

To provide the access:

  1. Go to Settings -> Global Settings -> Users.
  2. The sub users in your account will be listed.
  3. Select the user, click Edit icon.
  4. Select View/Edit all user tests.

    The selected user will now be able to view/edit all the user's tests in your account, including your tests.

To view/edit the tests:

  1. Go to My Tests -> All User Tests.
  2. Select the user from the drop-down (Only active users will be shown).
    The number of tests created by each user is displayed.

    All the tests created by the selected user is displayed.
    You can view/edit the tests if required. Read How to edit tests to know more.

Note: The last updated date-time and the user id will be reflected on the Test Card as below.


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