How to view your skill profile and manage your learning and development program?

Know how to view your skill profile and stay on top of your learning and development programs, track your progress and plan better.

Leveraging skills for data-driven talent decisions can benefit you, as skills are becoming the new currency. One of the best ways to do so is with a skills intelligence platform. A skills intelligence platform utilises artificial intelligence, automation, and data analytics to enhance career opportunities. iMocha’s Skills Intelligence helps benchmark your skills proficiencies, create self-directed career trajectories, provides visual representations of your skills and proficiency levels, helps you identify skills gaps via skills gap analysis, and provides valuable insight into your skills and proficiencies.

Explore your skill profile:

Go to Skill Profile to view a clear and concise summary of your capabilities and expertise. You can view the job architecture and map or validate your skills with the job role

Your skill profile displays all the badges earned, provides an overview of all your skills based on the programs attended, and gives you the option to edit and self-rate yourself.

To edit skill profile:

Click Edit profile to add your ratings to the skills.

You can view your name, job profile, primary skills, secondary skills, and behavioural skills related to your job profile. You can rate yourself from the scale of 1 to 10.

Self validation

Self-validation is about recognizing your strengths and accomplishments without relying on external validation.When it comes to core performance, understanding your abilities through self-validation is the key. It enables you to seek new opportunities and continuously improve your skills and competencies. This self-awareness helps you set goals and is a powerful tool for personal and professional development.

To rate yourself, click the drop-down and select the rating from a scale of 1 to 10 and save the changes made. 

Self-validation is a crucial aspect of personal and professional development. You can self-rate yourself using our 5-point scale rubrics. The 5-point scale rubric provides a structured framework for evaluating and rating your skills. It helps you objectively evaluate your skills by reflecting on your strengths and areas for improvement. Assign yourself a rating by using this valuable insight to set and achieve your skill development goals. 

Novice / Basic Knowledge:

Level 1: Limited understanding and experience.

Level 2: Basic familiarity with concepts but minimal practical experience.

Intermediate / Competent:

Level 3: Moderate understanding and practical experience in applying skills.

Level 4: Solid grasp of concepts and able to handle common tasks independently.

Advanced / Skilled:

Level 5: Proficient and experienced in applying skills with confidence.

Level 6: High level of competency, can handle complex tasks and challenges.

Expert / Mastery:

Level 7: Highly skilled with extensive experience and problem-solving abilities.

Level 8: Exceptional expertise, can handle advanced and specialized tasks.

Master / Guru:

Level 9: Rare level of mastery, considered a subject matter expert.

Level 10: World-class proficiency, leading authority in the field.

You can view the list of core skills and each skill's proficiency based on your completed tests. Navigate through each tab to view primary, secondary, and behavioural skill proficiency. The skill goal is set at the organisation level. The current skill is marked based on your attempted test and the marks scored. Skill gap helps you decide on areas to improve to achieve your career goals.

iMocha Validation

iMocha validation represents the percentage of scores obtained across all the assessments for the specified skill. This metric provides an overview of your proficiency in that particular skill based on your performance in the assessments.

Manager Validation

Manager Validation represents the average actual current proficiency score validated by the manager for this specified skill. This metric provides an overview of your proficiency in that particular skill based on your managers validation.

iMocha's Skills Intelligence enables you to benchmark skills proficiencies, identify skill gaps, gain valuable insights into the skill sets, and validate your skills for the current job role.

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