How to view your organization's talent and skills report?

Know how to view the skills report of your organization.

To enhance employee development initiatives and take informed strategic decisions, you can view and use your company's talent and skills report.

To view All Reports:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Employee Self-Manager Ratings

    This report offers a comprehensive overview of the skills assigned to employees, featuring both self-ratings and manager ratings. It highlights the total number of employees who have completed their self-assessments and the managers who have provided ratings for their team members. This report is crucial for monitoring participation in the rating process and ensuring accurate skill evaluations.

  3. Manager-wise Employee Skill Validation:
    This report provides employee self-assessments, manager ratings, and iMocha validation results. Managers can filter the data to view their specific team's validation details, which helps them easily track and compare skill assessments and validations for their team members.
  4. Employee Skill Report:
    This report details employees' skills, corresponding validation ratings from multiple channels, and the weighted average score. It provides a comprehensive view of each employee's skill set and performance validated using various methods.
  5. Job Profile-Employee Skills:
    This report offers a comprehensive overview of skill validation progress and proficiency levels among employees. It allows you to monitor ongoing validation processes, assess proficiency levels across various skills included in Job Profile, and gain insights into the number of employees with validated skills. 
  6. Job Profile-Employee Skills Validation:
    This reports gives the overview of the advancement of skill validation. The report provides a clear overview of the number of employees who have completed skill validation, aiding in strategic decision-making regarding talent development and resource allocation.
  7.  Base File + Dashboard:
    This page gives the combined view of Base File, Practice Wise Skill View, Skill Wise View Across Practice, Skill combination View, and Individual Skill Profile.

    Click the report name to view that specific report as required.
    Base File: Displays your organization’s talent and skills report, as shown below.

    Practice Wise Skills View: Displays a detailed view of skills organized by practice. You can filter the data based on skill classification and proficiency levels, providing a comprehensive analysis of skills across different practices.

    Skill Wise View Across Practice: Displays a detailed view of skills across different practices. You can filter the information based on skill classification and proficiency levels, allowing for an in-depth analysis of skills within various practices.

    Skills Combination View: Displays employee details based on the selected skill and proficiency range. It includes multi-channel ratings, providing a comprehensive view of employees' skills and proficiency levels.

    Individual Skill Profile: Displays individual skills along with the total proficiency for each skill. It offers a detailed overview of proficiency levels across different skills.

    Also, use the more option to filter and gain additional insight.

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