How to use reattempt test feature?

Know how to invite candidates to reattempt a test using the reattempt feature.

It may happen that sometimes the candidate needs to reattempt the test due to various reasons. In such a case, you, as a recruiter, can allow the candidate to retake the test. This can be done by using our Allow Reattempt Test function.

How to use the Reattempt feature:

  1. Click My tests, and select the Test you want to allow reattempt.
  2. Click Reports corresponding to the test.
    view report 
    The list of candidates who have appeared for the test is displayed.
  3. Select the candidate and click the Allow Reattempt test icon.
    allow reattempt
    reattempt test
  4. Select the date and time and click Yes.

An automatic email will be sent to the candidate for test reattempt. You can also customize the email sent to the candidates. The reattempt will be counted as the test attempt.

Important: You can use Reattempt for the Internal Assessment of employees. This can also be used for employee learning and development. A single employee can take multiple attempts in a year. You will get the reference score of the last test taken to compare the performance.

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