How to use candidate comparative reports?

Know how to compare up to 3 candidates to make data-driven decisions.

Comparative Reports help you choose the best among a pool of candidates who appear for a particular test. You can select up to 3 candidates to be compared. The candidate with the best percentage is stamped as iMocha Recommendation. 

You can use the tool via Analytics or via Reports

To compare and view reports via Analytics

1. Select Analytics ->Comparative Reports

Comparative Report Analytics

2. You will get the comparative results with the iMocha Recommendation. 

Comparative Reports- iMocha

To compare and view reports via Reports

1. Select the test from My Tests -> Reports

2. Click Add to Compare appearing under Action

3. You can compare up to 3 candidates at a time. After selecting the candidates, click Compare

Comparative ReportsComparative Reports 5

4. Comparative analysis will be displayed

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