How to upload Job Codes using HRMS when Skills Intelligence is enabled?

Know how to integrate with HRMS and automate the data flow.

To create an environment where data flows effortlessly between the HRMS and the Talent Management portal is crucial for enabling a more comprehensive analysis of employee skills and job profiles.

Follow the below steps for HRMS Integration.

Ensure to integrate with HRMS(currently we offer integration with SAP SuccessFactors, Default HCM, and plan to expand our integration capabilities with additional systems soon) and upload job codes.

  1. Go to Admin Center.
  2. Select Integration.
  3. Click SAP SuccessFactor from the drop-down list to configure the SAP SuccessFactor, and then upload the job codes. You have the option to use the Default HCM to enrol employees, in case your organisation is not linked with SAP SuccessFactor.

  4. Upload the excel with job code.

    Download the sample template in case you need the excel format

    Here is a glimpse of the Excel file format.


    The following message appears when the excel upload is successful.

  5. Click Save.
    Now you have uploaded the job code from HRMS in to the system. Once the upload is successful, all the job codes in the HRMS created by the organization is saved in our database. Based on the HRMS in use, the system will map fields between the HRMS export and iMocha's desired fields.

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