How to take a test on iMocha upskilling portal?

Know how to enroll and take the test on iMocha upskilling portal

iMocha upskilling portal is a great way to evaluate your skills and earn batches as you progress. As an employee, you will be invited to the upskilling portal by your L&D team or department heads. Once enrolled, you will get an email with login credentials to kick start your upskilling journey.

1. Login with your credentials

2. All the available skills assessments for your job role will be displayed

3. Click Take Test

Create assessment - iMochaUpskill

4. Once you complete the test, you can view the report under the Upskilled tabUpskill  tab

Depending on the setting selected by your test administrator, you may or may not be allowed to retake the test.

5. You will earn badges (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) depending upon your skills score. The badges can be seen under My Progress tab.

My progress tab

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